Monday, February 19, 2007

Another one

Here's a layout of my two new little nieces...they are pretty cute, huh?

Still doing my pilates, I'm enjoying it. After a week, I am alreadly noticing a difference in my flexibility. Still very inflexible, but not quite as sad as it was last week. The girls joined me tonight, which was a little distracting...Bella groaning about how hard it was, Emma yelling "look at me, mom!"...all of us piled up on one small piece of times. I came to the conclusion today that I needed to end my 2.5 month old cookie/dessert/candy binge. It is starting to catch up with me. Not sure why I decided that it was a good idea to begin in the first place, oh well. Back to the watching what I eat fun-ness again. It was fun while it lasted =). Anyway, have a lovely day.


Cindy said...

Boy you are quick with the layouts. Are pilates hard to do? I started walking yesterday again and my knees are hurting. I have come to the conclusion that I can either be in shape and in constant pain or I can not be in shape and have legs that feel good. Is this a trade-off? Kind of weird but I guess I feel better about myself when I move even if it does hurt. I also had Bella exercise with me the week she was here!!!!! It was a little distracting! :)

shannon said...

i've been on a binge too. but i haven't been exercising!