Thursday, February 22, 2007

Had a layout

....but after thoroughly inspecting it, decided that it was much too ugly to put on here. Yes, I know, I have put ugly things up here before, but I guess I'm just not in the mood to share my ugly stuff tonight. Sorry.

So I wonder if Blue personality types are more common in the world...since the great majority of all *eight* of us are blue here. Probably a sample size of eight can't be applied to the rest of the world, huh? I wonder how that corresponds to the meyers-briggs personality profile thingy...anyone ever have to take that? I'm an ISFP. anyone else?

So I know there are some Grey's fans out there that read this. Totally disappointed with tonight's episode. I think it started to bother me with the great liberties they took with all the medical crap tonight. Usually I overlook that just cause I like the show a lot. But geez people, when you are dead and someone has been doing CPR and cardiopulmanary bypass on you for 3+ hours and finally you get a heartrate and 30 seconds later they are pulling your ET tube out, all the doctors and nurses leave the room just to let you spontaneously recover from your severe metabolic acidosis and hypoxic organ damage....and then you just start talking like nothing ever's pushing my medical imagination a bit. Yeah, I know she was cold and that is always helpful....but still......they could have at least left her intubated for another episode with lots of meds dripping into her, etc. So did this bother anyone else? Alright, I know I need to get a life....maybe someday I will be so lucky =). Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!


Cindy said...

It would have bothered me ....if I had any idea what you just said!!!!!!! :)

Starla said...

Even with my very limited medical knowledge, I thought it was very unrealistic. A few hours after near death, she's cuddling with Derek? Yeah, right.

angela said...

Yes, I know it was a BIG stretch but I was just so happy to see Mer alive! I had been a bawling mess and obssessing over her fate for 2 weeks. I too need to get a life.

shannon said...

yeah, i was a bit perturbed too.