Saturday, July 29, 2006

A layout finally

So here I finally post a layout for your viewing pleasure. You will also be happy to note that this MMM talk will be over and you no longer need to read about if I will be doing it or not. I'm pleased to say my entry is all packed up and just needs to be put in the mail on Monday (In typical Stacey fashion...that is the last possible day to mail). I think I did okay. Totally not expecting and actually not caring if I win...but just happy I got it done. I like to do what I say I'm going to do. Thanks to the my advisory committee =)'s good to get others opinions. I also took them to the scrapbook store to copy them and got the advice of some people there. That's the first time other people (beside you all) have seen my stuff. It was kind of interesting to see people's reactions to them. This layout has the crappy theme park photo on it...but I like it anyway. Emma was so cute that night.

In other scrapbook news, Simple Scrapbooks magazine requested a layout of mine. It's not for their magazine but for an online article associated with the Nov/Dec issue. I'm counting it though...cause I actually have to send it in to them and they pay my book that's being published by them =).

Well, it seems I started quite the controversy regarding making your child eat liver. I think Frytown friend makes a very important point. I always based my opinion of the stuff off of taste...but if you consider that the organ is actually a poison filter...makes the case for avoiding it a little stronger. Thank-you Frytown friend for that important insight.

Don't know much else. Have a happy Saturday night!


cld said...

We will forget liver for awhile! What were other people's reaction to your lovely layouts. I take it the Adventureland one did not go since you are showing it to the world! Did they like the same ones that you thought they would like. I bet they ooh'ed and ahh'ed, huh? :)

Angela said...

Congrats on the Simple Scrapbooks pub (yes, I consider it a pub) I am happy you are going to enter MMM! Good for you! Have a great Sunday! :)

Cindy said...

Hey you! I got to look over Jeanette's shoulder at your pics today. I love the one of you. I saw this one too. You look so incredibly gorgeous. I love the one with your grandma too. They were all awesome.