Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Once again, thanks

Thanks to everyone with the kind words and emails today. It means so much to me. On to bigger and better things =).

Here is another layout from the July 3 scrappy boys kit. I took this photo at Brian and Keesha's house. The girls found a frog in the yard and were quite excited. We eventually made them let it go to prevent it from being pawed to death.

So what is making me happy today? I finally bought paint to paint the girls room. Also in the process of painting their big ugly dresser. With any luck they will have a cute room by next week. I meant to do this about a year ago...oops. This is the color. It didn't scan very well, but you can kind of get the picture. I figured you could throw the girly color of choice together with this and it would look good.

#2: Got 3 catalogs and 3 magazines in the mail today. I don't know why they keep sending me catalogs. Maybe they know how tempted I am by all of them. I rarely buy anything though.
#3: I bought this tonight at Target. Don't know why. Maybe some retail therapy? I like all the pockets. Wanted something casual to carry all my crap in. Might use it tomorrow when I take Emma to Adventureland. Bella is at Grandma's house this week being spoiled so I thought I would take Emma to ride on all the cool kiddie rides. Will probably take Bella by herself in a week or two so we can ride the roller coasters. =).
Anyway, that is all for now. Have a lovely day.


Cindy said...

Hey there Missy, I think you are so darn creative. I started painting a year ago and now I can't stop myself, believe me I have tried. I hope you post the before and after.

shannon said...

my room is almost that same color!
sorry to hear about your suckidom. it will get better and as always... i love your stuff!!