Sunday, July 23, 2006

Odds and Ends

The girls and I had a good weekend. On Saturday we went to our neighbor county park and had a picnic. Our picnic food consisted of us going to Hy-vee and picking out lunchables for them (they love those for some reason) and a wrap for me, some baked lays and hostess cream filled cupcakes.

We walked around the park a bit, went on some trails. The girls love to "hike".

Found some wild berries along the way and enjoyed a few of those.

Bella spent the night at a friends house who then spent the day with us today.

I finished painting the girl's room. Here it is right after I was done. Quite a mess, but you get the picture. I'll post another picture when I'm done cleaning it up and putting everything in place.

Here is the promised picture of the new car (used actually). I had a ginormous SUV before. This seems kind of like a nerd car, but oh well. I guess I'm a nerd, so it probably fits. I filled up the tank with gas today for the first time and it only cost 43.00 (vs the $60 for the Armada) and I calculated the gas mileage and it was 21+ mph. That's an improvement. I'm liking the XM commercials. I like the gas mileage. I need to remember there is no beepy thing to warn me when I'm going to run into things when I'm backing up. I kind of miss my automatic lift gate (yeah...I'm lazy, but when you are carrying 50+ bags in your hands it was acutally kind of nice).

I'm still holding out hope for the MMM. I need to finish and send it off this week. The girls are in Bible school several hours per night this week so I hope to really work on that. I should have worked on it this weekend, but I was seemingly obsessed with painting, rearranging furniture, hanging pictures, organizing, etc. Made me feel better. I'm sure some psychiatrist/psychologist could go a long way with that one. Anyway, have a good day!


mjdf said...

My kids are in Bible School this week too and Aaron is away being a camp pastor in Illinois. So it'll be just Abby and me during the evenings as well. I also had hoped to get some good scrapbooking in this week - definitely not worthy of entering any contests, but just to get some stuff in albums as I just ordered 198 photos from snapfish for me to scrapbook. :) Finally have some printed pictures of Abby!

cld said...

Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Glad you had a nice time. Your picture of the car looks like one of those fancy ones in the magazines! As for the organization part....when you are organized it makes you feel good and in control of your life (I should really try that sometime!!!!!!!!! )

shannon said...

great car!
the room looks wonderful.
good luck if you do get the entry in!