Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tongue ring for Emma

So as she requested we got Emma's tongue pierced today. Well...actually as you might have guessed from the picture below, it was her ears. She had been begging for it for quite some I gave in and got it done. She barely cried and 10 seconds later was admiring her new earrings in the mirror and telling me what a big girl she was. We even had to redo her hair in a ponytail so that everyone could see her new earrings.

Didn't do too much else today. Had to go to IC this afternoon so they could detail my car as they hadn't had a chance to do it before I bought it. Got a few school clothes for Bella. She just had to have a pair of those lovely gaucho pants as all the girls have them and she wants to be just like them...pretty much a direct quote out of her mouth. Scary. My girls scare me more and more every day =).

Thanks for all of the comments really keeps me going, brightens my mood. I feel like I have rapidly cycling bipolar disorder....happy one day, depressed the next. My mood swings are extreme. Today was a good day =). Well enough about my psychological state of mind....overall I think I am doing pretty well considering the situation =). Hope everyone else is having a lovely day.


Emilie Ahern said...

How adorable!

cld said...

Had fun yesterday with you. It brightens my day to see you. Keep your spirits are doing fine and looking good.

shannon said...

she is sooo stinkin cute!