Thursday, July 20, 2006

Painting like a crazy woman

No pictures today. I haven't taken many lately. I go in streaks. Sorry, I know it is much more interesting to look at pictures than reading my mumbo jumbo.

I've been painting like crazy. I got the big ugly dresser almost done. Had to sand it, prime it, and it seems to need three coats of paint to look good. I just need one more coat on the top and one side and then it should be done. Need to pick out some knobs and it will be ready to roll. I also painted most of the girls bedroom. See below for the lovely shade (aloe vera). I think it looks good. Now I just have to do the hard part...the edges. It takes such a long time. Yuck. I think Bella will really like it, can't wait until she gets home (tomorrow!).

I haven't done a bodybugg update for awhile. I had a trainer's appointment on Wednesday and ouch do I hurt today. My official weight loss is at 22 lbs. I need to stop now per myself and my trainer. We're still going to work on tightening up places. I guess I need to start eating more. Just when it was getting easy. Oh well, I'm sure it won't be too hard to increase my intake.

Funny (kind of in a scary way) Emma story. We were driving home yesterday (in my newly aquired Murano...I'll take pictures soon) and Emma out of the blue said she wanted a tongue ring?!?!!!! Where that came from I'm not sure. I think one of her favorite girls at daycare has a tongue ring as she said "Jenna has a blue one, I want a pink one". Great. My three year old wants a tongue ring. Anyway, Emma is picking up a lot of crap from daycare, kind of scares me. She is a little sponge. Thinking I need to get myself a nanny. Too bad I can't afford one. Anyone know of any newly graduated high school chick without a tongue ring who wants to come live in Iowa mainly for the experience and a little pay =) ?

Well that is all for now. Have a good day.


cld said...

I enjoy your mumbo jumbo! Especially since you don't E-MAIL me very often. (just a slight dig) What color is the dresser? Take a picture of it when you are done so we all can see it.

Glad Isabella is finally coming home. I am sure you missed her very much.

Have a good day.

chris said...

stacy you should look into getting an au pair. my neighbors have one from sweden. it doesn't cost as much as you think!

mjdf said...

Move to Wellman and I will watch your children for free; and I promise not to let Emma get a tongue ring, even if it is a pink one. :)

Cindy said...

Sarah graduates this year, send her to college and I will make it happen, (the you send her part is tuition, room and board) :>)

I love to hear about other people having to eat more, (this is me being jealous and bitter) I wish that people needed fat donors, I would gladly donate several pounds.