Thursday, July 27, 2006


Got this off of Shannon's Blog . Be prepared for some reading excitement (ha! that was a joke).

7 people I admire: (Do I know 7 people?) Let's see...
1. My mom
2. My dad
3. My sis
4. My bro and wifey
5. Bella
6. Emma
7. Me
Alright...that last one is pushing it. I really should get out and meet some people, huh?

7 things I say often
1. Hmmm....
2. Holy Crap
3. OK
4. He/she looks wonderful (to the parents of my cute little patients)
5. various versions of hello to my patients.
6. Bella!!!!!!!!!
7. Stupid cat =).

7 things I cannot do
1. a cartwheel
2. eat cucumbers
3. make my children eat liver like my mom made me
4. be chirpy and outgoing =)
5. watch T.V. without doing at least one other thing at the same, reading, etc.
6. stop buying scrapbook supplies
7. go to bed early

7 things you might not know about me
1. I have one kidney
2. I can get teary eyed at a hallmark commercial or equivalent
3. I wear a retainer at night
4. I ran an 8:30 mile today and wasn't very tired...yeah me!
5. I love the color green
6. I am an electronics geekoid...I love them all.
7. If you can't tell from reading the above...I am basically a big nerd =).

7 movies I enjoyed (do I have time to watch movies?)
1. The last movie I watched was the Family was good.
2. I watched all the first season of Grey's Anatomy....I loved it...maybe I should have been a surgeon?
3. Watched MI-III recently, pretty good.
4. Can't remember anything prior to those in question number one, maybe I should get out more.

7 things I wish I could change in my life
1. The suckiness
2. That my house is never clean for longer than 15.5 seconds
3. That I wouldn't have to worry about "making my quota" at work
4. See number 2...get a housekeeper and nanny without a tongue ring
5. That I had some furniture in my house
6. Oh ya...and curtains too (yes I'm still lacking curtains in my house)
7. Basically, for the most part I'm pretty satisfied with my life.

7 books I have read and would read again
1. I don't read books more than one time. One and done for me.

7 people who should do this
1. See the first question...I don't believe I know 7 people =). Starla maybe?


mjdf said...

I hear you on the liver thing! I vowed that was one thing that i would NEVER make my children eat. I remember often being the last one at the table trying to build up enough courage to gag down my then stone cold liver. I didn't realize that you felt the same about our liver and gizzards meals that seemed to happen twice a week (or so it felt like that often).

I didn't realize that you don't like cucumbers. How sad.

mjdf said...

oh, and way to go on your mile! You're my hero! Someday I hope to run as rapid as you.

cld said...

Hey cut it out on the liver is good for you. Next time you guys are together here ...instead of my famous taco meal...I might have liver instead. :) P.S. It wasn't twice a week there.
P.S.S. Did you know that on Wednesday KFC has a special on livers and gizzards???? Not only are they good for you...they have a kick (spicy) too!

shannon said...

yay! thanks for playing!

frytown friend said...

cld, even I remember the liver and gizzard meals. I used to love eating at your house but on L&G nights I had to pass. The liver has a very dirty job of clearing toxins from the body and you can't tell what might be in there. At least that's my justification for not eating it. I'm a strictly skeletal muscle kind of girl. Okay, that sounds kind of gross, too.

Starla said...

I'm with you about the liver- nasty, nasty, nasty. I personally have never tried it. Couldn't get past the smell.

cld said...

Some people just have NO TASTE!
Look what L & G did for me...well maybe that isn't a good example.
I just feel sorry for all of you
abstainers chldren...just think...what will they have to gripe at when they get to be your age...that you made them eat PIZZA???????????????????????

Angela said...

Yay on your mile!! You are a super woman! :)

Cindy said...

I personally think that liver is from the devil. I could not eat anything with Ketchup on it for years because that is what I used to kill the taste of the evil liver. But maybe the liver helped you run the mile so quickly. hmmmm. Still you are amazing.