Friday, June 23, 2006


I'm packing things for our trip...need I say more?? I cleaned the car out and vaccumed it, made supper, ate, did wash, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the house up a bit, layed out the girls clothes to pack, found the air mattress, found a tent (we might go camping one night), washed the gray right out of my hair, layed out my clothes, packed food...I think that is about it. I'm kind of tired now. Oh ya....this was all after I worked a full day.

Had a cute conversation with Emma tonight. I was cleaning her up and saw that she had a new ouchy. Asked where/how she got it. She very calmly explained how she was in Mexico last night and how she got put in jail while she was there and that is how she got the scratch. Interesting, huh? Well, must run, I am sure there is something else I could/should be packing.

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cld said...

Hi...can't sleep so might as well comment. Isn't trip fun and that is even before you begin them? I don't envy you and at the same time I do. Tell BDD and KDED hi for us. Where in the world did Miss Emma come up with that story?????? Has she been watching too much TV?