Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello from Virginia land of the snakes

Greetings from Virginia! It seems that I am the only one awake, so I wandered up to the computer for a lovely blogging session. We had an okay day today. Unfortunately, it has pretty much rained since the moment we got here. There are flash flood warnings and everything. During a brief moment of rainlessness here, we went to the top of a nearby mountain and started on a hike. We made it maybe a half a mile when Brian and Keesha's dog started acting wierd. I made the comment it looked like she was having a stroke...we continued on a bit and then she really started acting strange, not putting any weight on her front paw and wimpering. We checked her out and she looked to have a bite mark on her front paw. A snake bite (vet thought probably a rattlesnake or copperhead)! So Ruby (the 65 lb dog) was hoisted on Kent's shoulders and carried out of the park. Me being the good doctor that I am, couldn't for the life of me remember anything about proper 1st aide for snake bites. A lot of good that $100,000+ education did me. So then we drove very quickly, (but, down the mountain across the country to an emergency vet clinic where she is now resting comfortably getting IV fluids and is expecting a full recovery. That was the excitement of the day. Now it is raining very heavily again. I really hope it stops as we would like to go to Washington D.C. tomorrow. Well that is all for now. Have a good day! Oh yes...and a special welcome to my newest blog reader Angela =).


cld said...

I can't sleep either. Wow, what a trip. Couldn't believe it when BDD told me about it. I feel for Ruby but so very very glad that it wasn't any of you guys or the girls. Thank goodness for strong Kent or poor Ruby would still be in the woods!

Wouldn't you know...BDD said that it hasn't rained there forever and now that you guys are won't stop. That is all it is doing here too. I.C. has really been having the storm warnings the past few days.

Hope you have a better day tomorrow than today was.

Angela said...

I hope today was a better day for you. At least you are keeping the vacation exciting. Thanks for the welocme. =)