Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This is what I pick up from daycare almost every day....dirty children. This picture doesn't even do it justice. She was covered from head to toe with a fine mist of dirt. Lovely. Usually Bella is the same way too. Oh well, I guess they are having fun.

Here is a layout from the June 3 scrappy boys kit. Emma all cleaned up.

Now that I'm done with my June layouts for the DTs I'm on, I'm actually hoping to do some scrapbooking stuff for myself now using whatever products I so desire. That should be fun. Maybe I'll start on MMM entry, since I am obligated to give that a try. Anyway, this getting up early thing is killing me so I'm going to try to go to bed a bit earlier tonight. Gotta run. Adios.


cld said...

You posted at 8:33 p.m. does that mean that you are going to bed now????????????

Wow...I had to look at Emma's "dirty" picture to make sure it wasn't Bella. Maybe I couldn't see for all the dirt! I hope they are having fun since the daycare seems to be loosing all of it's top soil by kids taking it home with them. Doesn't this place have grass? :)

Anyway...cute picture all the same.

mjdf said...

I thought it was Bella too! Definitely very dirty. David and Ana have a hole they dug in the sandbox that reaches down through the dirt and the often fill this hole with water and make "cookies" - sometimes throwing cookies at each other. Needless to say, I don't let them back in the house after this until they've been sprayed down with the hose. The joys of summer...

shannon said...

lol... dirt=fun!
as always, cute page!