Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another layout reposted

Here is the layout that was in Creating Keepsakes School Special Edition. Bella is VERY proud of this. Everytime we go to the scrapbook store she needs to find that magazine and look at it.

I enjoyed my day off today. Woke up late and barely made it to daycare in time for Bella to go to swimming lessons. I even took Emma to daycare today. Usually I end up having her at home with me when I take a day off, but today I just needed to be alone. Then I came home and wasted my whole morning taking a nap. I then went to see the trainer. I'm doing well. I'm down a pound and my body fat % is now officially in the "lean" range. Just a little more fine tuning and I'm done =). Then went to Walmart to buy some Clif bars and my new addiction....Diet Mt. Dew. I've never been into pop at all mainly because I've always hated diet pop and I've never wanted to drink the full calorie stuff much because of that reason...full calorie. But now, as the diet mt. dew bottle says, "tuned up taste"...they really did. It is very tasty. I like it a lot. Got a Subway on the way home. Worked on another layout for MMM. I have about 3 now that might make the cut. Picked up the girls. We went for a walk tonight. Emma actually walked with us instead of being pushed in the stroller. She did very well. The girls wanted to run so we ran probably 1/4-1/2 mile total. Emma kept saying, "I'm beating you Mama!" and I said, "yes, you're very fast" and then she said, " not!" She's cute. Bella and I discussed all the ways to beat up a bad guy who is trying to steal you. We saw lightening bugs and Emma was quite impressed with the "lights on their bottoms". Always interesting conversations with those two.
I believe we finally made a decision on our vacation. Better start cleaning your house, KDED cause we're coming. With family nice enough to host us, we are actually going to leave the lovely state of IA. Going to VA visit brothers, sisters, cousins. Not so sure about the 1029 mile drive, but it will be nice to go somewhere for awhile. Anyway, have a lovely day.


cld said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day. The kind a person needs every so often to recharge. Glad you are going to VA. BDD and KDED will be thrilled I am sure. I would love to see VA in the summer instead of the winter.

shannon said...

sounds like a great day!!
and vacation sounds like a heck of a drive.. but i'm sure will be a blast!

kded said...

We're happy that you decided to make the trip! We look forward to seeing you soon!