Friday, June 02, 2006

Can you tell a difference?

A long time ago when I started the whole bodybugg thing, I said I would post some before and after pictures when I met my goal. Well I am about there...just some fine tuning here and there to do =). Anyway, here are my pictures {click to see larger}. What a difference! The first photo was taken on Bella's first day of 1st grade at the end of August. I had started exercising about 3 weeks earlier when I decided that I had let things get out of hand {also had a health screen at work and they told me that even though I was not overweight, I was overfat}. I developed some bad eating and exercise habits in Idaho and was in the worst shape of my life. I exercised for about 6 months regularly and gained a fair amount of muscle, but was not doing a very good job with my really hadn't made any progress. So I started the bodybugg at the end of December. The after picture {taken today by the lovely and talented Bella} shows me about 18-19 pounds lighter and with about 7% less body fat.

That shirt which is the same one in both pictures is now huge on me, where as before it was tight. The pants in the before picture have been retired and my new ones, which are actually getting a bit loose, are 3 sizes smaller! I weigh about what I did when I got married {12 years and 2 kids ago}, but actually think I am smaller...I am more muscular now. So there you go....I figure if I {who loves food and loves to eat like a pig} can do it, anyone can! Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself. It has taken some hard work and changing of my attitude towards food {and some mourning over the fact that I CAN'T eat anything I want} but I think I have the tools to stay this way forever {if I want to =) }

Anyway, the JUNE SCRAPPY GIRAFFE KIT is up. Something else to note is that they are having a design team call. So if you would like to join little old me on the design team for the next 6 months, just apply =). Click on the above link for details.

I also keep forgetting to tell you all that I had a layout requested by scrapbook trends magazine. It will be the September issue. I've never been published with them before.

Well, that is all for now. Have a lovely day!


starla said...

Congrats! You look marvelous! You are quite the inspiration. I joined Curves and am down 10 lbs and 10 inches in about 2 months. Maybe I'll have to jump on the Body Bugg bandwagon to speed up the process. It really is all about a lifestyle and perception change!

cld said...

You should be proud of yourself. I of course would not mind looking like your BEFORE
picture. Good job. It is hard to tell with the picture but I see the most difference (Just by the picture alone) in your face and your hips and legs.

I am almost to my first goal with the body bugg 2 months early. 32 lbs in 12 weeks. And down 23 1/2 inches. (That isn't as fast as I would like) Perhaps it is my lousy exercise routines!

It is alot in a person's thought process.

Anyway good job. I should have some before and after pictures..of course I am not "after yet" Still 50 lbs more to go.

Dave & Katie said...

Stacey - Hi, you don't know me but I think that you know my sister in law, Jenny Kropf. So anyhow, I saw you posted comments on her blog before, so I took a peak at your blog and I just want to say Wow! and Congrats! The before/after pic is amazing. You look awesome. I am really impressed by your progress. I don't have the Body Bugg but I've been working with a trainer at a gym here in Indianapolis and I'm actually doing Weight Watchers too cuz after about 6 months of working with the trainer and not losing weight we decided I needed to take a serious look at my eating habits. So, anyhow, I've lost about 20 lbs since Christmas and I know how wonderful it feels to start seeing some of these changes. You are an inspiration to me and I just wanted you to know that! Keep up the good work. :)

shannon said...

you are my inspiration, i swear!
you look amazing! ;)

mjdf said...

quite impressive! once my body has healed up from being pregnant, i'll need to start the whole process of getting back into shape too. i kind of dread it because i too like to eat like a pig and don't like to have to watch what i eat. grr. but unless i want to keep these last 18 pounds on my body, i'll have to make some changes.