Monday, June 26, 2006

On our way home

So it seems that things just keep getting worse. Ruby the dog is doing well, but she had to spend another day at the hospital, so we couldn't roam too far. It also continued to rain off and on. Emma woke up ill this A.M. for about 2-3 hours. She threw up twice. She wanted to go to the doctor so that he "could take the food out of my tummy" {which I thought was quite insightful...aren't my children brilliant? =) }. Then all of sudden she was fine and was eating, happy and cheerful for the rest of the day. Very odd. Then Kent received some bad news, his grandmother passed away this morning. It was expected, but of course, is still very sad news. So after pricing a plane ticket for him to go home {yikes!!}, we bypassed that option and will be heading home tomorrow. Going to try to stop by his sister's house on the way so the girls can say hello to their cousins,etc. We're going to break up the trip into 2 days as you can only do a 16 hour straight road trip only so often in one week. So to Keesha and Brian....thank-you so much for opening your home to us. We really enjoyed seeing you both and had a lovely time. Maybe next time things will go better on both ends =). So until I arrive home....good-bye!

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cld said...

Too bad your trip couldn't have been more enjoyable. I imagaine Brian and Keesha still appreciated you coming even though you didn't get a chance to see the area very much. Sorry for Kent's loss.