Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hair cuts and a few layouts

Here is another layout from the June 3 scrappy boys kit. Again...don't particularly like it. I was having a heck of a time with this paper. I didn't like it as much I thought I would.

I am reposting this. This was my layout that was published in Memory Makers June issue. It was very tiny and in the corner. Not sure they could have made it any smaller =). Oh well, can't complain too much. Here it is all big!

Got the girls hair cut tonight. It was Emma's first real haircut. Prior to this I cut it about a month or so ago when she got a large wad of bubble gum in it. Thought maybe a professional should take a whack at it. They both look good. The girl did a good job, but she had a major attitude problem. Angry and bitter, rolling eyes at colleagues, etc. Oh well, guess that is what you get when you go to a walk in place.
Taking the day off tomorrow. I'm excited. Hope you all have a good day!


cld said...

Post some pictures of the girl's haircuts. Or don't they look any different? Not as drastic as your first haircut I am sure!!!!!!! If you remember that? :)

I love that picture that was in Memory Makers. Too bad they had to make it so small. It is beautiful. Absolutely one of my favorites of yours.

shannon said...

yay for day's off!

awendybird said...

What a gorgeous layout of the baby! I love the quote and doodling. I can totally see why it was published!