Friday, June 09, 2006

Obnoxiousness all around. computer is being completely obnoxious tonight. There was almost no post. But you can breathe a sigh of it is. My computer and my children were acting similar tonight. Yikes. Kind of had a rough night. Well any night we go to the grocery store seems rough. Walking through those hallowed doors of Hy-Vee turns a switch on in Emma's head...the "hey, it's time to be as obnoxious as I possibly can be" switch. Then Bella joins in on the fun. Lovely times.

Anyway, here is a layout I made tonight of my son. What? you didn't know I had a boy? It's been my little secret for many years. Actually, as you might guess, this is not my child. It is an online friend's child who I had the privelege of making this nice little thing for. I have no clue how to scrapbook for boys. I had to stop myself for reaching for the flowers and the bling quite a few times. I think it turned out okay.

Well, I am tired. Must run. Have a lovely Friday!


cld said...

Nice LO. You did ok for a boy. Can't boys have bling too??? Sounds a little sexist to me!

I can't believe that my Emma would ever be obnoxious. And your dad things that she is the next thing to an angel so I know he wouldn't believe that!!!!!! :)

Time for a new computer, huh? After getting mine cleaned up by the neighborhood computer computer works like a dream...(as long as I keep my little fingers away from buttons)

Well time to go exercise. Have a lovely Friday yourself!

shannon said...

the joys of computer problems. stinks.
i think your boy page is great! ;)

mjdf said...

It definitely is more fun to scrapbook for a girl, though scrapbooking for a boy has it's fun parts as well.