Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Old Friends and Big Hair

Well...I didn't get any pictures taken today. So in honor of all of my lovely old friends, I thought I'd post some old pictures. In this first one I am embarrassing myself also. This is circa early 90s when big hair was really cool. We were very cool my roommate and I =).

******ETA: had to take the big hair was screwing up the side bar and I can't have that...I'll try to put back up soon. *******

Photo number two is in my dorm with my friend Iago who I have known since 5th or 6th grade. We shared lockers in 7th grade because we were both retarded and didn't have any friends...but we didn't really become friends until 9th grade. Is that about accurate? She is standing in front of my closet door beside a picture of the head of my high school math teacher. Don't know why I have the head of my high school math teacher on my closet door. I made him a shirt though....isn't that nice?

***missing pic***

And lastly the cutest photo is of me and my frytown friend. I am the short one which is kind of funny cause I now look like a huge overgrown beast next to her.

another missing pic....still trying to figure the stupid sidebar out!!!

That is all the reminiscing for now. Hopefully I'll take some good pictures soon so all of you that live in my photo albums can relax and not worry about showing up here. Have a good day!


cld said...

Brings back nice memories. I love the last one of you two Frytown girls. You were so cute then and you are both so cute now too! It is funny how the height thing has changed.

shannon said...

cute pics! love your descriptions!

frytown friend said...

I love the big hair pics. I have a great one of me from prom. My bangs are a good 5 inches straight up but, just like you said, it was so cool. And, of course, I love the last one of us too. I have a copy of it in my collection as well. Sometimes when I think back, I feel like I spent well over half my childhood at your house. Those were awesome times playing in the old house and in the yard.