Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Another photo of Bella's first day of school, Emma thinks she is going too.

So here is Bella's soccer schedule for anyone who might want to watch her in action:
9/10 10:15 in Polk City (no clue where that is at)
9/17 9:00
9/24 1:00 in Pella (not sure why we have to go there either)
10/1 9:00 and 2:00
10/8 9:00
10/15 10:15 in Polk City
10/22 11:30 in Pella

Emma's funny story of the day. So Betty (cat) has been bringing us presents of dead moles and leaving them on the front porch. Usually they are intact. Today however the head was separated from the body and there were some other nice things scattered about. So Emma sees this poor mole and starts her "no, no, no Betty....you broke the mole....fix it Betty". There was some other cute statement that she made but for the life of me I can't remember it at the moment.

I tried to correct Emma's grammar today. She substitutes the word "my" for "I" very frequently. So she was saying her usual "My did it" Me: No, it's I, I did it. Emma: No, My did it. Me: No, say I. Emma: I Me: Say, I did it. Emma: No, My did it. Tried this several more times before I gave up.

I am feeling much better now, so today I tried to do all that I didn't get done this weekend. I used our super powered weed eater and got the majority of the rest of the yard done. Then I cleaned and put away laundry. What a fun way to spend your day off. Back to work tomorrow (but it's my half day...yeah! I didn't volunteer to work the whole day....that would have ruined the whole point of taking a vacation day today) Hope you are all having a wonderful day.

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cld said...

Another clear picture on my computer. Can't believe it. Two very beautiful girls. I liked Emma's little routine. Reminds me of (for all you older people out there) Abbott and Costello's routine of "Who's on First"
Glad you are feeling better today. I think I caught what you had!!!!! I don't feel so cheery today. Ana is feeling better I think. She wasn't as grumphy! Even saw some smiles!