Monday, September 05, 2005

Being sick

I started doing some Bella pages again. Here she is in a photo taken June of this year. She looks so old!

Today has been a little blah. I have some sort of sickness that is mostly a head cold, but a little bit more. Making me feel bad enough that I have accomplished absolutely nothing today. I slept most of the afternoon because I had too....not because I wanted to. I always like that choice thing. Emma is STILL sleeping, she is not feeling the best either. Luckily Bella is at the neighbors so she doesn't have to be around all of us people who aren't any fun.

So needless to say, I don't have anything else to say. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


cld said...

Lovely picture of Bella and it is totally clear on my computer. That is nice. She does look older than someone who is going to be only 7 next week. I thought you didn't sound like yourself today on the phone. You didn't say you were sick. Nice to be sick on your days off, huh?

Rita Fuja said...

Gorgeous LO, Stacey. I love how you use so much white paper. I hope you submit your work, it's really great. And your dd is cute too! I hope you feel better soon.