Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Stop and smell the flowers

The scan on this one isn't the greatest. This was Emma about a year ago. Tomorrow I am going to "stop and smell the flowers"....going to take the day off and attempt to do something I want to do. No cleaning, organizing, weed eating, etc. Just going to try to enjoy the day (except when I go see the trainer at the gym in the afternoon). We'll see how that works out as I always seem to think of some chore to do.

I think I'll start my day of enjoyment tonight after I cook dinner. Going to maybe scrapbook a bit, watch Rockstart INXS, maybe scrapbook a bit more....maybe read a magazine. Sounds pretty exciting, huh? Does to me. Have a good evening.

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cld said...

Hello. What is Rockstart INX or whatever you said? Just curious. I can attest that your scapbook page did not come out as good as it is. It is an absolutely beautiful page and very artistic in real life since I should know...I saw it Sunday.