Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Two kids, two teeth

So today I was going to "stop and smell the flowers", but as all of my good plans usually didn't work too well. Emma did not want to go to daycare. I was going to take her for a few hours so that I could have some time to myself. But I can't resist her and was unable to take her in the morning. Instead I called Target and they happened to have an opening this afternoon in their portrait studio and since I needed to get Bella's 7 year picture done, I took it. I worked out in the early afternoon. Did a new arm workout and it about killed my poor puny little arms. They were so rubbery I could barely drive home. Picked up Bella next and then got ready for pictures. Bella, as usual, did a wonderful job posing. Emma also wanted her picture taken, but was in an obnoxious mood. We took a few of her, but she absolutely refused to take any with Bella. Kind of let out that high pitched scream that she does when Bella gets too close. So we had to settle for separate pictures and none together. While we were waiting for the picture lady to do her thing to them so that we could view them, we went looking for some food for supper. I was looking at the cheese, trying to decide what kind would go best on our sandwiches when Emma apparently decided to practice her ballet moves by twirling around (don't know why my children are so fascinated with twirling around in circles). She then somehow launched herself into the air and landed bellyflop style on the hard Target floor. I missed the whole thing. The aftermath of this launching included a very upset child with blood pouring out of her mouth. On closer inspection she had a sizable gash in her lower lip and the tooth that caused it was no longer its previous location....still attached, but moved back a bit. So I called the dentist and she called a peds dentist who would stay for us to run over there. So we really didn't even get to see the pictures, will go back later and order some. Emma did quite well at the dentist...she got xrayed and thankfully she didn't break the root or anything. The dentist pushed the tooth back into the correct location, put her on some antibiotics and told me that she shouldn't bite into anything for 2 now we get to cut things up in little pieces for awhile. Her tooth might turn gray, it might get infected, worse case scenario it will need to be pulled. Guess we'll find out. On a happier tooth note, on the way home Bella yelled from the back seat that her tooth was bleeding (same one as Emma's) and by the time we got home it was hanging by a thread. Teeth kind of gross me me being the kind mom that I am, made her pull it out herself. She was quite proud of herself and is expecting a visit from the toothfairy tonight.
The above picture was taken of Emma last month. Talks about her love of the number 2.


cld said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear my emma was hurt, might have to take her shopping again to make it all better. your next day off will go much better.hp

cld said...

You didn't post anything new today. How is little Emma's mouth by now? I hope ok. I will be there soon to kiss it and make it better. You will have to fix lots of mash potatoes for her. Did Bella have a visit from the tooth fairy? Have a good day. See you this weekend.