Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bella turns 7!

I'm having trouble with the picture thing again. See below for a picture of my beautiful child. Can't believe she is SEVEN!!!! We had a good time yesterday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese which I was dreading....but it wasn't very full on a Wednesday night and so we had a pretty good time. The girls had a lot of fun riding on the rides, pushing buttons, getting tickets. We actually collected enough tickets that Bella got a little make-up kit which of course made her extremely happy. Emma got two stampers and a plastic bug, she was pretty excited too. After playing for awhile and eating the very disgusting pizza, we went home to open presents. Emma has had a hard time with this whole present thing, can't understand why it's not her birthday too. So I bought her a little Polly pocket car to open while Bella opened hers. Made her very happy. Bella's "real" party is Saturday. Should be fun.


cld said...

I sure do miss having pictures from shutterfly or whatever since a certain someone does not send me any! Hint. Don't know much else. Looking forward to seeing you saturday pm.

Anonymous said...

We I'm sure that bella loved chuckie. I hope she has had a wonderful birthday week. hp