Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back to normal

This is Emma last February when she turned two. The colors are a little off on the scan, the pink isn't quite so dark in real life. The little book has pictures of all who were there and all of her gifts.

Well Bella and Kent came home this afternoon. That sure increases the noise factor here. Bella and Emma just pick on each other....causing squeals, screams, crying, etc. etc. It was actually kind of nice to have some quiet for a few days. Even though it was's better to have her home. We put up our Christmas tree tonight. The girls were super excited. Emma was very excited....since we didn't have a house last year, she probably doesn't remember the other time we had a tree {she wasn't quite one yet}. She was very good at hanging about 5 ornaments to a branch. Think they had fun.

Well that is all for now....have a good day.


shannon said...

i LOVE your stuff. so fun, so creative, so great. just call me a fan! ;)
and how sweet that the girls were excited for the tree. makes the season that much more fun!

cld said...

Want to come and help me with my tree? I need to get it up sometime but don't really feel like doing anything but SIT! Melissa's children are sick too and so is Aaron. So far other than Melissa can't walk because she has it in her back ...she is fine. :) Anyway, it is sick time in the east at the moment. Hope you and Bella don't come down with anything. Is Emma better? I sure hope so. She is so cute. I hope you took plenty of pictures of her and Bella decorationg the tree.