Monday, November 14, 2005

Reliving the past

Hard to believe...but this was almost 2 years ago. Time flies. My little Emma is soon going to be three {3 1/2 months}. She still LOVES to swing. Unfortunately, I hate it. Hate pushing the swing, hate standing there. I'm a bad mom =(.

Bella and I were looking at an old photo album from high school tonight. I don't think she realized that I had a life before she was born. She was quite impressed with my senior year banquet {prom like function} dress, thought it was very beautiful. If I remember correctly, I paid $15 dollars for it, tried to dye it black with Rit dye {it turned a dark blackish/purplish/gray}. I don't know that beautiful was a word for it. She was a little confused that I had a boyfriend named Noah and where was Daddy and why did I marry him instead? I think she was surprised to see pictures of me running, playing basketball, softball, etc. And she was very surprised to see Grandma with gray hair. Oh yes, someone requested a photo of my high school big hair. Gotta think about that one. It is pretty embarrassing so I'm going to hold off on that for now.

Anyway....I'm tired again. Gotta go sleep.

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cld said...

I liked your BIG hair at the time. You had very beautiful long, curly hair!!!!! And lots of it which I am envious. Guess Bella didn't know me with gray hair, huh? Amazing what a hair dresser can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See you do need to scapebook about yourself since Bella was so amazed. You don't think of your parents different than what how you see them at that moment and as JUST parents! Hope you don't get snow today.