Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Famous Bella

Bella is now famous. She entered a Halloween coloring contest and won her age group. Her picture was in the paper today (see above second row, middle). She is quite proud of herself. She won some movie passes. I thought it was only for school kids, so Emma didn't enter. Had she I'm sure she would have kicked Carter Phillip's butt in the 2 year old division =).

We are still working on potty training. Emma is doing pretty well and has been dry for the past few days. It is the going #2 that is the problem. She says, "she can't". She has her toy all picked out though when she finally decides to go. Number one on the list is a "tar" (guitar---would make grandpa and uncle B. proud), followed closely by a drum and lastly a Buzz Lightyear. We'll see what she chooses should it ever come about. In other cute Emma news, I bought a rotisserie chicken the other night and gave both her and Bella a leg from it. Emma was quite concerned about the "huge seed" (bone) in it. Guess she has never had chicken on the bone before.

I made a lovely homemade mac and cheese tonight. VERY bad for you, but VERY good. Maybe, I'll post it tomorrow for any mac and cheese lovers out there. Until then, I am tired and must go to bed. Adios.


cld said...

I was hoping you would have a new blog post today. Yippee. Wow, Bella is following in her mother's (you) footsteps winning contest and having her stuff published. I personally( not that I am biased) think hers looks better than all the rest in all of the age groups. What movie is she going to go see??????? Well I must go back to bed and see if I can sleep. Morning comes pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a nice taste of success with Ana's potty training. She has started going poop in the potty, though she cries about it each time. For awhile, I had to take her pants and underwear off when I knew she needed to poop, otherwise she would do it in her pants and not seemed too concerned about it. But she didn't like the thought of doing it on the floor. I have a bunch of small presents wrapped up for her in a 'poop bag' that she gets to choose one when she poops successfully in the potty. Today she got a pack of three flavored chapsticks. That seemed to make her feel like all the pain and hassle was worth it since chapstick is her most favorite thing in the world. She takes herself pee now without me ever reminding her and even wipes and flushes all by herself. She's getting it finally!!! I see light at the end of the tunnel - I am encouraged that she will be potty trained before she's three, unlike her brother who waited until he was past four to finally do it. Well, enough potty news. I'm just so excited that it's actually working well this time around!