Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm on call

I'm on call today. Lots of calls. Bella and I were just discussing how to clean goopy belly buttons of babies. She has been listening to me talk to parents. She has been scrapbooking while I am talking. We are actually posting one of her layouts {see below}. She thinks scrapbooking is super fun. The layout above is from her "graduation" from kindergarten. I always think of Mr. Incredible when I think about her graduation. In the movie he talks about how we keep coming up with ways to celebrate mediocrity {in regards to his kids "graduation"}. I kind of agree, but it was a fun day anyway. The layout below is my version of a photo taken of Bella at Club Libby Lu and then of course Bella's version.

Bella's first online scrapbook page. She has a few others she has made....maybe I'll post them every now and then.


cld said...

tell Bella that her layout is way cool. Even better than her mom' least tell her that!!!!!! I am journaling about my life. Haven't started the pages yet. Say...I have pictures of you when you were young and also like at the State Track meet and such if you want them. You said that you were going to do some pages about yourself.

shannon said...

your pages are awesome...and so are bella's. i just stumbled upon your gallery and love every single one of your pages! :)

Jenny Kropf said...

Have just been catching up with your family over the past several months in the pst couple fun! What dolls you have! We're in the throws of potty training as well...ugh! I fianlly bought a video that seems to be working pretty well...hopefully it will be all over by Christmas. I really think you should have posted the picture you found at your mom's a while back of your large hair. Your scrapbook pages are fabulous! Hmm, when did I last scrapbook? With Stacey last November....someday I will get back to it, I inspire me! -Jenny K
PS-it's so cold and rainy and foggy out here in ID-no pretty Fall colors at all!