Saturday, November 26, 2005

Holiday synopsis

I'm back after a long holiday break. Aren't you excited? I was on call on Thanksgiving day and so it feels like I spent most of the day on the phone. Even had to call Mexico (!?!) for some patient to talk about non urgent issues. I found out the day before Thanksgiving that our pagers roam the whole state so I actually ended up going to my Grandma's house for lunch. Me and my Emma. Bella and Kent went to Lincoln to see his mom since it was our "turn" to go there. I can't believe it, but I think it had been since 2002 since I was last there for a holiday. So it was nice to see cousins, eat cheesy potatoes, and talk on the phone {largest portion of my day =( }. But I'm not complaining too much about the phone.....NEVER could have roamed 90 miles away from the hospital with my old job while on call. My job is pretty cush.

So Emma and I have just been hanging out together. She went to work with me on Friday {no baby sitter} which she seemed to like. She just roams around playing, hanging out at the front desk, trashing my office.....stuff like that. She is very cute....and tough, she has an ear infection, and other than one episode of crying on Thanksgiving day she has been in great spirits. She really misses "Bubba" {Bella}....keeps asking where she is, she even kindly picked out a piece of candy from her potty prize sack to give to Bella (and then ate it herself). Speaking of potty training....she is doing great....definitely making progress, even going #2 now. Yeah....diapers may be gone soon!

In scrapbooking news, I entered another design team contest and was one of three {I think}picked. This is a monthly I will be getting supplies each and every month. Just trying to support my habit. Will post more about that when I know more details.

Well....Emma seems to be taking a very long nap, need to go check on her. Have a good day.


cld said...

Hi there. Just talked to you on the phone but will comment on your blog too. Glad Emma is better. Always good to see your layouts to see what ideas I can steal!!!!!!!!
Let me know when you know more about this other design team. You are a scapebooking stud! (Is that a proper term?) Anyway...perhaps someday you can quit being a doctor and scrap full time! :)

shannon said...

congrats on the new dt! your work is amazing! ;)