Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It worked.

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So this is the layout I was trying to upload yesterday. Finally worked. It talks about our time over Christmas last year, traveling, living out of suitcases, filling our car more full with stuff with each stop. It will be fun to have a Christmas tree again. Although I always just hate putting the thing away after it is all over with. I think I will put it in the front room....the Christmas tree gets it own room....that should work. Emma should be excited, this will be her first year participating with putting on ornaments, etc. She keeps asking about Christmas....."Is it God's birthday today?" Me: "no, at Christmas" Her: In a very cute, amazed voice "ohhhhh, Christmas?". {Repeat this conversation almost everyday}.

I came across this blog awhile back called Ah yes Medical School . It cracks me up. Don't open it if you don't enjoy talking about blood, guts, and bodily functions. It seems like that's all I talk about all day {bodily functions anyway.....parents are very obsessed with the whole topic} so I'm kind of immune to the stuff. But anyway this guy is a third year med student and has apparently been blogging his way through it all. I've only read bits and pieces here and there, but the stuff he talks about is so universal, it's like reliving your whole experience {without the pain and suffering of course}. Anyway, I find it rather amusing.

Anyway, that is all for tonight. Have a good day.

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shannon said...

LOVE that lo!!!! and i totally love reading medical horror stories. granted i've never done med school..nursing school was enough. so it should be right up my alley!
and yes, you totally make it onto my blogs i read list. i love your blog! ;)