Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some cool news (if you are a scrapbook nerd)

This is the first page I have ever done about myself. Decided I should do that as my kids might like to see more about my life some day. I hate this photo {sorry mom, I know it's your favorite}. A larger than life color copy of this photo was in the entry to the clinic for was terrible. I wasn't smiling very nicely because I still had those nasty braces on my teeth and didn't think I'd look very professional with all the metal shining in the picture. The little book talks about all the jobs I have had and how I finally got my first "real" job.

In other scrapbooking news, I opened my email tonight to some really cool news. A layout I submitted was accepted and is going to be published in a Creating Keepsakes "School Memories" book. This will be my first time ever published. Creating Keepsakes is kind of the "cool" scrapbook magazine, so that is why I called it kind of cool {if you are a big nerd like me}. It is a layout I'm not even that crazy about, but oh well.....they must have liked it enough. I think I even get paid for this =). I am unable to tell you which one, as then they might have to kill you'll have to wait until the book comes out {no clue when that is}.

I can't think of anything else to say right now.....have a good day!


hpoe said...

I think the photo looks good. Don't be so down on your self. Talk later.

cld said...

Congratulations. WHEN your layout comes out...let me know. I can't remember if that is one of the magazines I get. Is it?

I LOVE that picture and am still mad at Saltzer for not giving it to me to hang in the livingroom. They no doubt have it the basement somewhere or a dumpster. Sniff!

cld said...

Melissa thought that where your layout might appear is a book type magazine ...not the subscription kind?

shannon said...