Thursday, November 03, 2005

Something is very wrong with me

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I made this tonight. It was quite fun. I am rather fond of it. Used my Paper Heart Studio papers again. It is miss Emma when she was a few weeks old (before she became obese). Such a beautiful baby, such a beautiful girl now too =).

Well as you might have read in my title, there seems to be something terribly wrong with me. As some of you know I have been working out since August and have done 5 days per week each and every week. That's weird just by itself. But, I have been getting frustrated as I don't always have time to workout as much as I would like to. Because of that time issue, I tend to skimp on the cardio and mainly do the weights. I hate hurts =). So because of my relative cardio neglect, I now have nice muscle that is covered with approximately the same amount of fat as before. So I do look better, but still am frustrated with the coating of fat. Anyway, for some reason, and I have no idea why, I got up a bit early today and actually did some stairs (run up, walk down) for about 10-15 minutes. How weird it that? I HATE, I repeat HATE getting up in the morning any earlier than I have to. Therefore....something must be wrong with me. That said....I'm tired from my excursion this morning, so I will say goodnight (probably not going to do it tomorrow either--need my rest).


cld said...

Great job on the exercise. You look great even though you have FAT covering your new muscles. You will have to point that out to me next time I see you since I have never noticed all the FAT!!!!!
Actually you should have some fat for child bearing and in case there is a famine. If either of those things ever occure to me....I will be in splendid shape! Actually if the first occures...I will be in a little padded room with a straight jacket on!

The piece you did was beautiful. That is Emma, isn't it? Just wondering. Question.......just what was on the paper before you started? Were the flowers or did you do those from scratch? Explain exactly what you did to make such a wonderful page. are keeping these safe so you can use them when Paper Hearts ask for them, aren't you? Are you using only her paper? I take it that she does not carry other supplies which you must use.

One last thing....I got up to do my exercises again. It has been 3 weeks straight without missing one time. I am rather proud of myself. Of course....I still need to do more. I don't look any better...well maybe a little one else would notice but I do. But I feel better and at my age that is the main reason for doing exercise. Have a good day.

Stacey said...

Nothing was on the paper before I started. I made the flowers. I just used PHS paper to make them, plus some fontwerks stamps, a pen, my lovely distress ink and glue Oh and yes a hole punch. As of right now she just has paper...don't know if there are plans for anything else.

Very good on the exercise! Keep going! My hope for myself is that there never is a famine....not going to worry about that right now =).

hpoe said...

Well I'm proud of you. Glad to see you can exercise. Can you come help me get motivated? I love the pictures.

cld said...

Ok...I am playing ? dumb. What is PHS paper?

Besides those cool circles you have, what other fontwerks stamps do you have. Was going to get some and they didn't have the ones in seconds that I wanted. Hated to spend $25. Wish Reminense had those.

Stacey said...

PHS = paper heart studio
Keep in mind that is the Canadian price on the fontwerks will be a few buck cheaper when they convert. I have about 6 different sets of fontwerks stamps, I love them all.
Come visit me and I'll share with you.

cld said...


cld said...

Curious.....what did you make the petals of the flowers out of. Did you paint them with something? Are they paper or just what. From my blurry picture it is hard to tell. Oh yes one thing....I am going to finish up the newsletter probably today. I haven't heard from you yet. I will have to report what I think...and you know how newspapers can get it wrong!!!!