Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nice 1/2 day off

Here is one I made last night with my Paper Heart Studio paper. Emma is 4.5 months in the picture....thought she looked pretty cute!

This afternoon I actually had some adult conversation not related to snotty noses, fevers, constipation, bad behavior, vomiting or teething....just to name a few. It was kind of nice. Went with a friend out to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Then I went to the scrapbook store (shocking I know!)....but the thing is in my stack of 3000 sheets of paper, I am lacking in plain white cardstock. So that was the purpose of my trip and I am proud to say that I did quite well, bought about 10 sheets of paper and a book.

Anyone know how to fix scratched up CDs and DVDs? I have too many around here, too many sticky fingers, too many years spent in the car being tossed around.

Have a wonderful day!

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cld said...

I've read in one of my many magazines how to correct CD's and DVD's but I don't remember how now. Sorry. I do know that there is a kit out there that you can buy at like Walmart or Target, etc. to fixed them. I have one somewhere but can't say that I have used it to know if it really works. Cute page....cute baby.