Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back from Christmas

So here is a picture of my Emma being read to by my Grandma. When Bella was little she dubbed Grandma Big Grandma to differentiate her from my mom....and it has stuck. So now my grandparents are Big Grandma and Big Grandpa. Such a sweet woman. I kind of desaturated the photo a bit. I used it on my first layout for the design team I am a guest on this month at Rustic Artisans. I am really struggling with this paper. Having a hard time getting inspired....hopefully it will come to me in the next week as I have to get that done by then. I also got my stuff from Scrappy Giraffe. I think she did a great job of putting stuff together. The paper is great and the cardstock matches perfectly {that is my pet peave when the cardstock doesn't match anything---you know I'm a complete nutball when I have pet peaves about cardstock!}. Anyway....again if you haven't checked it out, do it!!!!!!!{aren't I a good salesperson?}

I was quite excited to see that I have new readers and that they commented!!! How happy that makes me. Yes, again I am showing my geakiness by getting excited over something like that, but for some reason it makes me happy to know that someone else besides my mother {and maybe a few others} enjoy this. Anyway....to answer a few questions in my comment section. About blogging.....very easy, fun, keeps friends and family up-to-date and is completely free through blogger. Check it out: Blogger . About scrapbooking. Great hobby. Stress reliever. No need to get overwhelmed by it. For you beginners {and anyone else} I would suggest the book The Big Picture and it's related website Big Picture . And though I failed to impress my sister-in-law this weekend with the book {she's tough....but breakable =) } I think it would be a great resource for someone who is considering taking scrapbooking up and needs some guidance on where to start. Again....am I showing my geekiness? And lastly, what is a scrapbook design team? It is a group of so-called designers {questionable title for myself I believe} that use the product given to them to create layouts/projects that make the product desirable to others who might be shopping for them. So for instance Paper Heart Studio is a manufacterer of scrapbook paper. She sends me product, I make stuff with it. I try to get published with it to show off her stuff, she can use it at tradeshows, etc. etc. The other team I am on, Scrappy Giraffe is a kit club. She collects papers and fun stuff from multiple manufacturers, coordinates it all, sends it out to subscribers. My job is to make stuff that is inspiring for the subscribers, etc. Long answer, huh?

Anyway....that is all for tonight. Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Stacy, what a wonderful photo and memory you have captured on film.
I love your explanation about a design team, I may borrow it from time to time. You worded it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

ps I'm sorry I speleed your name wrong. I caught it after I hit submit. :(

frytown friend said...

Hi Stacey,
Glad to hear you read my comments. I feel so validated. I think I forgot to tell you this last time but I love you scrapbook pages. I've been checking them all out. Once I'm making some money I'm going to have to start trying this myself. I have so many pics and memories of Isabel that I would love to preserve.
On a more personal note, my Isabel was diagnosed with a UTI last week. I'm a little freaked b/c she's never been sick before and now she has to have a VCUG and U/S. Her w/u is on the 3rd and if things go well, we are coming to Iowa on the 10th. Wish us luck. I'm afraid she's becoming a victim of the "VIP curse" (she has the cutest umbilical hernia too)
It was great to see your grandma with Bella. How is she (and grandpa) doing? It's been a long time since her diagnosis.
Thanks for this blog. I love it.

cld said...

I am back to reading your blog. Not having the phone line plugged in all the time makes it alittle harder to jump on line all the time. I think I am back among the living but Ana and Cecil have taken the bug now!!!!!!!! Brian & Keesha just called. They made it home alright.

Can I say Hi to Frytown friend through you???? Hello!!!!!!! I don't know much else really. I think I will be going to work again....oh yippee ....tomorrow. Have a good day.

shannon said...

love the photos and your descriptions of everything was perfect! you were definitely a good salesperson. i checked both links! ;)