Thursday, December 15, 2005

This didn't scan so well...oh well. Some of the centers of the flowers have glitter in them, some of letters aren't showing up. Again...oh well.

Had to go back to work today. I'm really feeling a need for a vacation. Yesterday was so nice, really enjoyed not working. I sent most of my Christmas cards yesterday. Finished up all of my Christmas shopping. Nice to be done with that. Feeling kind of blah today....can you tell? Nothing exciting to talk about. Maybe tomorrow.

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cld said...

It is the let down after a "shopping high" :) I feel that way a bit too. Too much stuff going on and not enough time when you work full time. It sure would be nice to be wealthy enough to stay home. I will have been working this second round 20 years in 2006. That is too much for my mind to grab this morning! That means I have 20 years of DEEP cleaning in the house that has not been done!

Just work today and then you have two days at home. That should be nice at least. Have a good Friday and take care.