Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The first picture is of Bella {new fuzzy pink shirt courtesy of Grandma Be} trying out her new karoke machine. She was singing jingle bells. Soon after this, Emma {in her new barbie princess dress} came over to help her out and an all out fight started as they were fighting over the microphone....and soon Jingle Bells turned into screaming, tugging, and pushing. The second photo is of Emma playing with her new kitchen (which can also be seen in the background of the first). It is from Target and is a pottery barn replica. Gotta love Target....cool stuff, much cheaper. Emma loves her kitchen.

I will start posting my layouts again soon...but I need to finish the design team stuff first. Did my second layout tonight.....I am REALLY struggling with this paper.....hope it turns out good enough =).

The other two pictures are of my Body Bugg . It is on my right arm, the major part is on my triceps. It is annoying, don't like having it on all the time. But since they are nice enough to let me try it, I will try to give it a fair shot. I have no idea how it works, other than it apparently measures 4 different parameters to come up with an estimate of how many calories I am burning. And according to the trainer, it is the most accurate thing outside of the lab. Tomorrow I have my first appointment with my trainer dude, we'll download the thing for the first time and see the bad news {I'm assuming}. It does make me stop and think about what I'm eating. We'll see. I'm excited though....looking forward to having someone make me work hard.

To my Frytown Friend, sorry about the UTI. I'm sure you might remember Bella had reflux and had several VCUGs....always harder when it is your own kid =(. I hope I get to see you when you come back, let me know if you have any time!

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shannon said...

the girls are adorable. i'm sure your lo's will turn out wonderfully. your work never ceases to amaze me!
can't wait to hear how the body bugg went!