Monday, December 05, 2005

Kindergarten memories

Yeah....I know the black dots kind of ruin the whole thing, but I thought I better as some people might not appreciate their children on the internet. Anyway, this was Bella's kindergarten class. I set Bella loose with the camera at the end of the year party and she took almost all of the pictures herself (except of course the one she is in). I guess you can kind of get the idea.

Well, I'm afraid to say this as I might jinx the whole situation, but I believe I will call Emma officially potty trained. She refuses to wear pullups anymore, even at night {which didn't turn out so great last night}. She goes by herself without any prodding. She is always quite proud of her results, often calling multiple family members in to look.

I am going to host a stampin' up party {yes, I know, that is getting a bit social for me}. Hopefully, I will have a guest or two. Going to do it after the first of the year so people can get free stamps if they spend $50. Anyway, if anyone reading this would like to come, please let me know. That is all for tonight. Have a good one.


shannon said...

very cool lo. love that you incorporated so many pictures!

cld said...

How come all the people in her class look all the same??????????? (Just teasin of course) Explain further the stampin up party. Who is sponsoring it, etc. Just wondering. Does sound a bit social and wild for you. Can people order through the mail?

mjdf said...

Yea for Emma! I wish I could say the same for Ana. She does fine in the number two area, but the peeing thing without serious prodding from me, still needs work. Right now, we are bribing her with a sticker chart and after she gets the set amount of stickers,(it increases with each completion) she gets to watch a movie (of her chioce). Most of the time it tends to be Dukes of Hazzard as she has a serious love affair with that show (I remember being the same way around that age). So, it is working fairly well. I'm hoping that by the time her whole chart is finished, she will be going on her own without any parental prodding.