Thursday, December 01, 2005

Emma and her crazy hair

Just a quick layout showcasing Emma's crazy hair. It took almost 2 years for her to have enough hair to do anything with.....including making it look goofy.

Well the new DT I'm on announced it's team. Check it out... Scrappy Giraffe . If anyone is looking for more scrapbooking supplies, looks like these kits are going to be large. First one should be pretty cool. There is a sneak peak on the site. I think she will start taking orders on Dec 15th.

So I finally got rid of my Idaho drivers license, after living here for almost a year. Being the geekoid that I am, I scanned it before going to the drivers license station...never know when you might need it?! =) I had my dorky I have braces smile in the picture....glad I don't have to do that anymore. My Iowa license was apparently still valid so I just had to pay $3 to get a new copy. The new Iowa license is very goofy looking. Has a pink banner, lots of swirlies, holographic stuff. Very odd looking. Anyway, I'm sure that was exciting wasn't it. Better go, have a good night.


cld said...

Wow...already checkeed out the scrappy giraffe. Am I impressed. The lady got a real bargain having you on the design team. Just comparing your stuff. What do you do now? How does this stuff work? Just curious. I already printed out all the pictures you turned in and your picture. I have a famous daughter!!!!!!!!

shannon said...

and love the emma lo. i too had no hair. my mom used to scotch tape bows to my head. can't believe i just admitted that!