Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Random Thoughts

Okay, so I went a little crazy with this one tonight. I think it looks better in person. Oh well, it was fun while I was doing it.

Random thoughts from Emma's little mind, heard over the last week: Skunks don't wear underwear, that's why they stink. Skunks aren't big girls like me, skunks don't pee on the potty. Santa has a big bottom. My bottom is burping. Notice a common theme here? Also in other cute news, she wanted to go on a bike ride when we got home today. I declined due to the temperature of FOUR outside.

Why do I hate my cat so much? Is it because the other day I came downstairs and she was sitting on my open gym bag peeing on it? Is is because the only time she will get near Emma is at 3 am to wake her up? Is it because she is pacing the house like a crazy kitty right now wanting outside into the NEGATIVE FOUR weather? {hmmm....perhaps I should consider that}. Is it because she scrapes the side of her litter box for 5 minutes straight and never end up covering her deposit? I don't know, but she annoys the crap out of me.

In scrapbooking news, I had a page requested by Scrapbooks etc. I told Bella she was going to be famous {she is on the layout}. She couldn't stop giggling. She wondered if Grandma Cindy Lou would be able to see it in the magazine. I told her the whole world could and she giggled some more. Anyway, I'm kind of excited. I love Scrapbooks etc. Never thought they would want my stuff.


cld said...

Wow....who needs to be a doctor when you can do scrapbooking?????
Do tell me when all of this stuff is going to appear so I can get the magazine, book, etc. You realize you are going to send me to the poor farm after I have to buy all of this stuff. You know how I had to subscrib to all the newspapers when you were in high school so I wouldn't miss all the times you were in the paper for sports, etc. Gotta is time to exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My 8th week.

shannon said...

yay! i'm so happy for you. i totally love all of your los. especially the doodling!
and omg, about your cat. i have a bulemic one. drives me batty! ;)