Wednesday, December 14, 2005

No Work for Me!

Here is a page I did tonight. It is kind of redo of a page I did shortly after Emma was born. There really is no comparison compared to that early page. The stuff I do now has changed so much. Much better now. Again this looks a little crooked....darn scanner.

So tomorrow (oops....guess it is tomorrow already) I am taking the whole day off. I have high hopes and grand aspirations for the day. But more than likely none of my goals with be accomplished. Probably, I'll run all my errands that I have been putting off, might work-out, eat some lunch, shop for a few yet to be bought Christmas presents and by that time my whole day of relaxing and having fun will be gone. Maybe I'll try....we'll see.

So silly me had the idea of buying Bella a doll house for Christmas {she has been asking for one for a long time---don't tell her}. So instead of just buying an ugly plastic one I had the brilliant idea to get one of those "real" doll houses. have to put them together yourself. I bought one at the hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon. And holy crap.....that thing has like 50 lbs of wood to it, about a gazillion shingles, you have to paint it, etc, etc, etc. And of course since Kent and I are both procrastinaters....the box just got opened up yesterday. Hopefully, it will get done.

That is all for now....have a good day.


cld said...

Sounds like one of those cartoons you see in the newspaper where the parents are tearing their hair just about out spending all of Christmas eve putting together toys. Good luck with it.

Lovely Emma page. I have a question....the one picture of the baby you did with the flowers (that I so love) that Bella or Emma? They look so much alike.

Thanks for the Christmas Card. Everyone who sees it says "you can tell they are sisters"

Gotta go......I am babysitting Bella and Emma's cousins!

Stacey said...


cld said...

Oops...good thing you told me...because I put it on the calendar I had made for Grandpas and I would have told them it was Bella.