Sunday, December 18, 2005


....Well not for good. Probably for a lot of this week though. I have A LOT, A TON, THOUSANDS OF THINGS to do this week. I have to finish a few Christmas presents, Bella's dollhouse is far from finished {so VERY, VERY, VERY far}, I live in a pigsty that should be cleaned, I work full-time, etc, etc, etc. So just a you can prepare yourselves for the shock of not having my blog to read. But I will save up everything exciting and be back strong next week. Maybe, if I have an abundance of energy (ha!) I will post something this week....we'll just have to see. I'll aim for Wednesday....sound good?

Oh by the way, Memory Makers requested another page.....but it had already been taken by BHG. Never thought I'd have that problem =). Another thing to check out.... the kit at Scrappy Giraffe is up. This will ship the third Monday in January. Check it out! You even get some lip gloss with it. =)


cld said... will I live without reading your blog. I will miss you as I am sure a thousand of your fans will too!!!!!! I also have a LOT< A TON AND THOUSANDS OF THINGS TO DO TOO. (at least not a doll house to put together thank goodness) I too live in a pigsty! I at least don't want Brian to know already do. Well gotta go and llth week I believe.

frytown friend said...

Received your x-mas card in the mail today. Could your kids be any cuter? Awesome pics! I tried to have a professional family picture taken a couple of weeks ago but my Isabel completely decompensated. It was almost as bad as the performances at her pediatrician. I don't envy you guys. I'm coming back to UIHC to work for a few months. We must get together. I totally want you to teach me how to scrapbook. I've gone into a few scrapbooking stores and was totally overwhelmed. Where to start?!
Kudos to cld for the exercise- especially at 5:54am!

mjdf said...

I will try to not drop into depression for lack of good reading material during your absence. But I understand the busyness as I am feeling the same feelings this week. Have a party to prepare for on Thursday as well as getting everything ready for the most incredible omelet experience you will ever have in your life. I hope I'm not setting you up for disappointment especially since eggs want to make you vomit. Anyway, I'll see you this weekend. Bye.