Saturday, December 17, 2005

Favorite Mama

Made this tonight. Seems like lately I'm going a little crazy with my stuff...but it is kind of fun. This was made out of tissue paper, lots of glue, some fancy post-it notes, etc. In person, I think it is kind of pretty. Can't get the full effect from scanning though. {By the way for you inquiring minds...that is a picture of Emma}

So tonight Emma was standing beside me, watching me glue {she loves glue} and she said out of the blue, "you're my favorite mama". cute. I think that is the first time she has verbalized any love towards me. Of course she hugs and kisses and all that stuff...but has never really said anything. I remember trying to read Black Beauty when I was a kid, but I think I got bored and never got past the first chapter or so. Anyway, Bella is watching this movie tonight and it finishes and she comes in to talk to me and I can tell something is I ask her what it was, was the movie good, etc. She then said it was the saddest movie ever. I asked her what happened and she bursts into tears....I guess Black Beauty's horse friend dies. No one ever told me a horse dies in this thing!?! I probably wouldn't have let her watch it if I had known, she is kind of sensitive to those things. She still gets teary eyed when we talk about the disappearance of Henry the nasty mean cat who was never nice to her. Anyway, she recoverd and drew pictures of horses the rest of the night.

Well, must go to bed. Have a good day.

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cld said...

Poor Bella. I feel for her. I don't like things like that in movies either. I like happy movies that make me feel good afterwards.

Don't know much. I need to go to town and spend my life savings on groceries today...getting ready for the invasion of all you kids.

Our Company Christmas party is tonight at the Amanas so I had better watch the food intake today so there will be room.