Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A quick one

Just a quick one tonight. I had my personal training session today. Got my fat pinched, queezed, had to be weighed, was worse than going to the doctor. Got the body bugg uploaded and can now do that from home. The computer calcuates that I should be burning a little over 2000 calories per day and taking in 1460ish (!!!!) Yikes. Although, logging in my food today, I did accomplish the 1400 thing. Sitting here I am hungry....but oh well, I'm going to go to bed soon and then it won't matter....I'll just digest some of my fat while I'm sleeping. It was kind of disheartening after I got my fat pinched, when he announced the same % body fat that I had 4 months ago when I started exercising. So apparently, even though I have definitely gained muscle, I have not been successful in losing any fat. That sucks. I think this body bugg thing will be very good for me...good to see what happens if I eat a piece of cake, a ton of Mexican food, whatever. Make me think about if it is really worth it or not. So anyway, my goal remains the lose my flab, all 15ish pounds of it. So.....stay tuned for next Wednesday when the body bugg saga continues.


frytown friend said...

I'm showing my age b/c I forgot about Bella's reflux until you mentioned it. Now I really have someone to talk to, a physician and a mom (to completely points of view I'm finding out). So, remind me, did Bella take prophylaxis? Does the antibiotic induced diarrhea ever go away? How did you help her through the VCUGs? The parallels b/w us are starting to get freaky. Okay, all this might be boring to everyone else so if you prefer and if you have time you can reach me at (my secret identity revealed)

cld said...

Hi Stacey and Frytown friend. You two doctors use too many terms us "normal" ???? people cannot understand. Just remember....all your success comes from my inspiration and all the educational things (again ?) when I babysat for you together. Er-r maybe it comes from both of your subborness ....I mean persistance like fighting over the purple crayon. I have pictures for proof. Anyway hello to everyone and goodbye too. I need to get my beauty rest so that I can get up at 5:43 to exercise. Signing off.

shannon said...

i hear ya on the body fat thing. i don't get checked for a while but i don't think i'm making much of a difference although i do feel better since i'm being more active. good luck!