Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another too short weekend

Here is another layout from the new paper heart studio espresso collection.

Had a good weekend. My lovely parents came over to our house and we went out to eat. Today was my cheat day and honestly......I don't feel very good about it. Ate too much high calorie food. But...I am just following directions =). I was supposed to be in a surplus. Still, feeling a bit bad about it. Did a little shopping today, got a few magnetic boards to hang on my wall. Think I'm going to hang some layouts on it...kind of like wall art.

I will write more tomorrow. Have a good day!


cld said...

We had a lot of fun too. Thanks for your hospitality. Happy Birthday to you today. Hope you have a great day.

shannon said...

happy belated birthday!!

love what you are doing with those new papers!