Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cat: Free to good {or any} home

Well....I have been trying to upload a layout for your viewing pleasure, but keep getting an error message that blogger is having some issues. I'll try again tomorrow.

It is official. Betty {the crazy Idaho cat} has been banished from my house FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! I'm completely serious. She has peed on one too many things and I can't take it anymore. She's cute and all but when you can't control your bladder and I can't put a diaper on you.....you're out of here. It doesn't matter if the litter box is full or empty...the only thing she seems to look for is something soft. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been suggested that she has a urinary tract infection, but I doubt that she has had a UTI since the beginning of time. She has been a nutball since day one. That's what we get for adopting an Idaho cat. I must say...Henry was a mean and nasty cat, but he NEVER EVER peed on anything that he wasn't supposed to. I miss you Henry. So, if anyone would like her, please let me know. I will ship her anywhere you want, I'll pay to ship her to you. I'll drive her to your house....whatever, I need a vacation. I'd post a picture to try to lure you in.....but-- see above. Maybe I should put her on E-bay....think that would work? Can you put animals on E-bay? Hmmmmm......something to look into.

Tune in tomorrow for the official body bugg update. Should be exciting. Movement {downward!} on the home scale has been noticed and it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

Emma is screaming in her bed...gotta run!


cld said...

No Takers here on Betty...unless you want to bring her here for an outdoor cat! You could have her as an outdoor cat like we do. Of course you will have to break her of wanting to come in. Dorthea still tries to come in ....even after 10 years. I have heard that once cats get in the habit of doing their thing (whatever that is) you can't hardly break them. They are not like a dog.....!

Congratulations on the scale thing. I will be anxious to hear about how the bug thing has worked. I got up this morning and exercised again. I am sure ...not as hard as you and I don't seem to have the eating thing down so the scale doesn't do anything. At least not up! I do notice a few bulges on my "bum" as the exercise teacher says are going away. Which is good. I am on my 12th or 13th week....have lost count now.

We will be waiting to hear of your progress. Got to go. Going to work early so I can get off at noon.

shannon said...

sorry, no cat taker here. i already have two. can't wait to hear about the body bugg.