Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Random Thoughts

Here is a layout that I made for a book call. However, I don't think the email went through (and of course the deadline is tonight) and I can't seem to make it go through. So I will post here instead. It uses the new paper heart studio marmalade line. Pictures of Bella through the years with my grandparents. This was for a "blueprint" book....meaning I had the general layout provided for me....just kind of filled in the spots. Oh well. I tried. It seems that the window gods are against me. Last week, I went to order a blind for the bathroom that has a baby blanket hanging as a shade (and has for almost the past year). Found out the swatch I had was no longer being made.....so I sent for new swatches. Got those today, made a match. Went online to order and it also won't go through, keeps giving me an error message. Guess I will try tomorrow. I'm really trying!!!!! Some of you might remember I had ordered a shade from Pottery Barn several months ago, got it out of the package and it was broken. Hopefully, sometime in the near future I will be successful in finding something to put in that window (besides of course that lovely baby blanket). In other news, I really like Olestra. It's some kind of fat substitute that they put in chips and such. Tostitos light and lays light make chips that taste just like the real ones except they have minimal fat and decreased calories. Gotta like that....I'm sure sometime soon though it will be pulled of the market because it will lead to an increased risk of heart attacks or strokes...isn't that what happens to all good stuff (at least in the medical world)? Also along those lines. I love the magazine Cooking Light. Such good food....has made this diet thing very tolerable. I have been a subscriber (shock...I know! I hate magazines) for many years, but ate from it mainly for health. Now that I am trying to loose a few pounds, I am finding it wonderful!!!!! Speaking of pounds....stay tuned for my bodybugg update tomorrow. Have a good day!


cld said...

Can't wait for the body bug update. I enjoyed talking to you about it this weekend. It really seems cool. Maybe if you can't find a shade....you can buy a new and Bigger (please) baby blanket in a complimentary color. Have a good evening

shannon said...

now i subscribe to cooking light! thanks alot! ;)