Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just some pictures tonight

Found this one on the counter tonight....just a picture Bella did of some sort of princess. Thought it was cute.

This one is a picture of Me....done by the lovely Emma. I thought I looked quite beautiful.

This is a picture Bella drew upon coming home from basketball. She enjoyed herself greatly and said that she might just play basketball the rest of her life. I unfortunately forgot the camera, but there are still 7 games left. She made a basket in the game. She seemed quite shocked. The game was kind of cute....there was obviously no one there that has been playing since the age of two (isn't that what all the famous b-ball players did?). Traveling would get you a "dribble the ball" from the refs. No stealing...if you do, you have to give the ball back to who you took it from. Refs sometimes assist in rebounding....allowing you to take another shot. ETc, Etc. It's good they do it that way cause playing by the rules would have been torture. When you watch these guys it makes you realize basketball is a bit more complicated than some games.

And finally, layout number 3 from my guest design spot with Rustic Artisans. That is all for now, have a good day!


cld said...

Bella and Emma's pictures are quite cute. They are quite the artist. You are probably use to it. Some kids don't like to draw that much. Children after my own heart. I am glad that Bella likes basketball. You will have to take some pictures of her games next time. Don't know much. Got up at 5:43 a.m. to exercise. I have lost track of the weeks now. I think 13. I have missed only one day...the one I was in the bathroom throwing up. Not good for exercising! Have a good week. Write a lot in your blog so I will know how you are.

shannon said...

love the princess drawing. she got her momma's gift of art! :)