Sunday, January 01, 2006

Here's my quote

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Apparently, I am crazy for patterned paper. Too bad they didn't print a layout of mine too. Oh well, maybe someday.

Well just a few minutes ago I went over my 1400 calories. I was about ready to die, so I had to eat. But I ate an orange and some salad. How sad is that. I can't even cheat correctly.

I finished my 3rd layout for my guest design team thing. I'll post them whenever I'm allowed to.

Well, must go tonight. Have a great one.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I always knew you were great.
Boy do I feel lazy. Do you ever stop? Love the scrapbook pages you have done. I sit with one page for hours, then give up.
I loved the photo of the girls. They have gotten so big in a years time.
I do miss you and think of you often. Wish you were here. We have had so much rain it feels like the coast.
Happy New Year.
Tracy (world's best nurse)

shannon said...

love the quote! might have to pick it up and have you sign it! :)

cld said...

Hi; Neat to be in a magazine. Right now ...doing a card for your brother's birthday and listening to the Hawks be outplayed by that OTHER team!!!! Gr-r-r-r! What a bummer. Don't know much else. A gloomy day so far. Oh well...could be worse...watched a bit of the Rose Parade and it is horrible on the West Coast.
Got up and exercised...a bit late....6:30 so had to use a tape. See ya