Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Waiting for summer

Emma declared this evening that she didn't like winter. I whole heartedly agree. So in honor of that I have posted a lovely summer layout. This was made with the January Scrappy Giraffe kit.

Tomorrow is bodybugg update #3....I'm sure you'll all be anxiously waiting =). Also....tomorrow evening Emma and I are going to start some swimming lessons for her. Trying to prevent the unreasonable fear of water that Bella developed {although it has all worked out fine...she loves the water now. In fact she will be starting winter swimming lessons on Saturday morning. She told me tonight that level 2 is going to be very easy for her. We'll see}

Well, I must run. For some unknown reason I agreed to give a lecture to the Mercy/Mayo family practice residents tomorrow. Not sure what I was thinking, I am kicking myself now. I hate talking in front of people. It was good though to brush up on the subject, do some literature searches (peds urinary tract infections) however, I'd be happy just stopping there and not doing the whole talking thing. I'm sure I will be so terrible they will never ask me again. Anyway, must go prepare.

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cld said...

Will be looking forward to the body bugg update. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone. I am sure you will do quite well in your speech or teaching. Can't be any worse than trying to teach a bunch of men in the Optimist Club how to paint a picture. It went well but I sure was not comfortable. What is good is the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. You will do well. You always do at everything you do!

I hope Emma takes to water as well as Bella did. If not...don't give up ....try when she is a bit older! Bella says swimming is easy and she will teach me how to do it. Think she can hold me up if I start to drown? Have a good day. Just got done exercising and now have to get ready for work.