Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bodybugg update

So I have officially completed my 10 weeks of bodybugg. Here are my official stats: I have lost 11.5 pounds, my body fat is down 5.3% from starting %. I have lost 1" off of my arm, 2" off of my waist, 3" off of my hips (yeah!) and 1" off of my thigh. What have I learned?

1. I CAN'T eat whatever I want.
2. Burning 2000 calories (recommended daily allowance for women...what person in la la land came up with that, I don't know) requires some significant effort.
3. When having a lazy day (meaning sleeping in....lounging around, etc) you need to decrease your calories by at least 400.
4. Food has more calories than you think =).
5. Every little thing you put in your mouth does count.
6. Exercise is good...lets you eat more =).

That is all for now, will update my future plans with the good ol' bodybugg in the near future. By the way kded, I about keeled over when I saw that you posted....thanks!

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cld said...

Thanks for the update. Let us know what you plan to do in the future. I've known all those things you have said for years...I just DON'T DO THEM!!!!!!!!!! Good for you for being so dedicated. Of course that is the way you have always been about everything. You set your mind to it and you do what is necessary to accomplish it. By the way....does your trainer give a discount on USED Bodybuggs? :) I plan to call him today and talk to him. Not sure if that is good or not????? I will have to do it then, huh???