Thursday, March 02, 2006

More for your consideration {See yesterday's post}

Really truly.....I promise that nothing bad will happen if you comment {as requested yesterday}. In might actually enjoy it.....just a thought.


mjdf said...

Okay, here I go. It was tough to choose...
I liked "our tree" "simple joys" and "sleeping Emma". Your "kiss" one I know that I love the most, but apparently since you are famous, that one can't be published here. : ) Anyway, I also really liked the thinking of you card with the flower on it.

Chris said...

It is tough to choose!!!! I like "Simple Joy" and "So
SWeet" but I also like "Daddy" alot because of the handwritten note.

shannon said...

well, crap. after hours of thought this is what i narrowed my favs down to:
12 days.
the coin album.
super cool.
now those are in no particular order. i just wanted to include a 2pager and an altered. the cards i like the thinking of you flower and circles smile.
so it looks like we all have diffeent favs!! :)
honestly, all your stuff is great!

Cindy said...

Just when I think you couldn't be anymore talented you just have to show off. WOW! These girls are just gorgeous. I am glad to see that you are maintaining your high level of will have to help me with this stuff sometime. I will bring my 20yrs worth of photos and maybe we could get them done in a weekend or so? LOL...