Wednesday, March 15, 2006


So Emma does this periodically when we are driving somewhere in the car. I'll hear this little voice sounding kind of mean and gruff say "Get out of mama's way". Last night it was, "Get out of mama's way" a brief pause then a disgusted little voice saying "Stinkin' car". Kind of cracked me up. She's funny. We were in the car because we were finally going to go to Borders to use up Bella's gift certificate she won from the library's summer reading program. {It only took us 8 months to use because there are zero bookstores on the east side of town, I guess the stupid people on the east side aren't smart enough to read (i've only been living here a year and already I feel inferior to the west side inhabitants of this fine city)...and going across town is a 15-20 mile trip, and you all know how much I like to travel} Back to the story....she got to spend $20. She bought a bunch of Magic treehouse books. She was pretty excited. Will give her something to read on our trip to Minneapolis. We also went to Macaroni Grill. It was okay. I find more and more often that I am disappointed with restaurants that we go to. Not that I'm a gourmet chef, but often I think I could have done better myself at home without spending the money. I want someone to feed me something I can't make at home....oh well. I guess those types of restaurants are hard to find without spending $$$$$. Today we went to the doctor to have the girls check-ups. They of course are healthy {I could have told you that} but I had to have someone sign their daycare slips to say they were. Thought about doing it myself....but decided against it. The Hepatitis A vaccine has just been recommended for all kids, so I asked Emma if she wanted a shot, she said very excitedly "yes!". She was a bit surprised when it hurt as much as it did. What a look on her face...shock, dismay..... I don't know if she will be volunteering anytime soon for another. Bella already got her Hep A shot as it was required in Idaho {land of the dirty food and water, I guess}. Anyway, that is all for now...have a good day.


cld said...

Really cute LO. Emma is such a doll. Wonder where she heard the term...stinkin' car?????? Any guesses???? It is snowing up north where you are going today. Lot of the schools in upper Iowa are closed today also. It is sunny here at the moment. Hopefully all the snow ends and no more comes before you get there. How are we all going to live the week without your blogg?????? :) Maybe others have a life more than me??????

shannon said...

how cute!